UNICEF has been implementing a range of projects to increase access to water and sanitation in 67 local authorities in Nigeria (with funding from the UK development agency, the European Union, UNICEF and the Nigerian government).

A workshop setting out the different governance models for decentralized water points was held last Thursday.

The WASH Consortium (via the NGO Concern) has appointed HYDROCONSEIL to provide support and capacity building to local stakeholders. The aim is to improve the operation of WASH facilities in rural areas as part of efforts to implement the new water law and ongoing decentralization process.

As part of a French Agency for Development-funded project to improve access to water and sanitation and improve sector governance HYDROCONSEIL, in partnership with URBACONSULTING, is carrying out a study to assess and structure the pit sludge sector in N'Djamena, Chad.

HYDROCONSEIL facilitated a workshop in Niamey on 21 September 2017 to present the findings of the sustainability assessment we conducted on the UNCEF-funded Accelerating Access to Water and Sanitation for All (ASWA) program led by the Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation.

HYDROCONSEIL has been selected by the Ministry for Water to provide five-year technical assistance

Covering over a hundred AFD-funded projects of the irrigation sector interventions undertaken by the AFD between 1987 and 2017 in more than 20 countries, the aim of this evaluation exercise is to build on the operational lessons learned and inform strategic decision-making. The evaluation will take over a year to complete and involve using a wide range of tools to ensure the standard evaluation criteria (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability) are comprehensively considered. The aspects to be covered by the evaluation include: the quality of the infrastructure; social water management; land use issues; agricultural development; and the reform of public irrigation policy. Four case studies are to be carried out in countries where AFD’s interventions in the sector are considered to have been most representative; these include Senegal, Madagascar, and a country from both North Africa and South-East Asia.


Our team provides social project management expertise and support to help commission the water supply services installed under the GECEAU project.

Hydroconseil implement a final evaluation of Interaide programme “Improvement of access to water and hygiene and sanitation, reinforcement of maintenance services for hydraulic structures” in Ethiopia, Haiti, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique and Sierra-Leone

Hydroconseil ERA and Cameroon officially launch the first campaign of the Information Education Communication PADY2.

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